Global Distribution - Technology

A World-Class Technology Infrastructure

MCLJASCO’s best-in-class technology reduces the complexity of supply chain management. Product is visible and information is available at all times. This makes the exchange of data efficient and helps customer supply chains more responsive.

Warehouse Management System (WMS)

The MCLJASCO Warehouse Management System (WMS) maximizes efficiency within the supply chain by automating key processes from pre-arrival through fulfillment. This enables MCLJASCO to manage procurement, manufacturing and distribution activities in a multi-customer model. More importantly, procurement, inventory management, vendor managed inventory (VMI), assembly and kitting services are integrated. The WMS automates the flow of product throughout the entire warehouse. Space is maximized through picking methodologies and put away is optimized. Automated technology, such as bar coding and RF (Radio Frequency), monitors product flow. Efficiencies and savings are created, allowing MCLJASCO to offer the most cost effective pricing structure in the supply chain management industry.

MCLJASCO Sequencing Services

MCLJASCO integrates with any manufacturer to provide sequencing services that are optimized for efficiency, customer service and profitability. As is the case with all MCLJASCO services, agility is the highest priority. Adjustments are made quickly when forecasts change.

Benefits of MCLJASCO’s sequencing services include:
  • Greater margins
  • Decreased production and material handling costs
  • Increased productivity
  • Reduced operating expenses
  • Increased responsiveness to customers
  • Lower planning and logistics costs
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