Jasco International - Company Overview

Providing Complete Value-Added Assembly & Supply Chain Management Service

Jasco International is a global organization dedicated to anticipating customers’ needs and exceeding their expectations through technological initiatives, resource-sharing, value added service offerings and effective chain management. JASCO combines the power of a minority owned logistics and supply chain management company offering value-added services, including: warehouse management, storage and distribution; packaging consolidation; repackaging; sequencing; deconsolidation; and line-feed with international freight shipment management (procurement, payment and audit); procurement sourcing; and international trade to leverage the global resources and experience of its partners. Jasco’s service offerings span the operation and management of the entire supply chain.

Our Services Include:

Manufacturing • Design • Logistics • Sales • Engineering • Inventory Management

Assembly & Sub-assembly
Container Management
Containment & Rework
Inspection & Testing
Repackaging - Kitting
Inventory Management
Cross Docking
Traffic Management
Worldwide Dealership
Direct Investment
International Logistics
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