QIC - Company Overview

On a daily basis, QIC, LLC provides a structured system to detect nonconforming parts using an experienced team of technicians and our secure digital platform - QIC Digital Platform (QDP). Our goal is to ensure the companies that we service operate as efficiently as possible. Our job is to discover dysfunctional auto parts within the plants that we service, correct defects and bring an experienced team to the line to support the immediate needs of our partners.

Our team does an efficient and thorough job of sifting through identifying non-conforming parts, correcting defects and advising when tasks like certified rans have been reached. Our team creates work instructions and ensure that we are adding value to all processes that we are a part of. We will rework those loose pieces to find their rightful area in each part. If any of those parts in the bin are broken, QIC will fix it to create a cost savings to our customer. We have a safety first culture at QIC and as our name says, we handle Quality, Inspection and Containment (QIC).

Our clients also receive real time reporting as every part is scanned into our sophisticated warehouse management system. We also provide superb inspection services line side, in the yard and wherever our customer desires for us to support. Essentially, we are the problem solvers that adds value to the organizations that we service by providing subject matter experts onsite to end containment breaks.
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