SEEL - Company Overview

Solutions for Energy Efficient Logistics (SEEL) is an experienced Customer Service Provider offering residential and business energy consulting and management services.  SEEL is well versed in management of all aspects of energy programs and projects. This includes marketing and delivering program branding, media, outreach events, reporting, tracking, personnel management, and customized program materials to reach and educate energy end users.  

Having served over 100,000 residential customers, 200,000 multifamily customers, and 5,000 small businesses, SEEL understands what it takes to engage these market segments effectively. SEEL is able to develop and implement an optimized outreach campaign equipped with community engagement and micro targeting; leveraging analytics surrounding historical customer participation trends to drive enrollment and savings forecasting.
SEEL specializes in understanding of the local market and the customer segments, and implementation of robust IT solutions tested throughout the country. This ensures the proper systems and processes are in place to facilitate seamless launch and sustainable performance for all energy programs implemented.

As a Minority Owned Company, focusing on local community entrenchment and support, SEEL has an unparalleled understanding of the customers we serve. This awareness supports our ability to put ourselves directly in the customers’ shoes and implement the most effective strategies and tactics to support any efficiency program.
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